Storytelling Class + Choosing a Tale

I kind of plaster it everywhere (I’m a little proud of myself; just a little), but I’m attending Southern New Hampshire University online, working on my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Well, I upped my class load to two this semester and it’s a little hairy getting started… but I think I’ll manage. Hopefully.

*cue internal screaming*

But well, in my Storytelling class it’s time to start pitching the idea that’s going to evolve into our thesis project — a full-on novel! I’m sure it’s super scary for a lot of my classmates if it’s their first time. If it were my first time, I’d be like, “OMG WHAT DO I DO.”

I still kind of was feeling like “OMG What do I do?” but thankfully I overthink everything.

So while I have pages up and labeled Coming Soon for All-Purpose Junkie and Happy Angel!, I’ve decided to work on the epic fantasy that’s been stalking me for 15 years.

Kitheriyan Chronicles: The Flower Key Rebellion

Kitheriyan Chronicles is, properly, the series name. The Flower Key Rebellion is the centerpiece, the original inspiration for this universe; and from it blooms a myriad of stories that I can’t wait to write for you. I may not have a book to hand you right off, but small mercies, I’ve been hoarding art for the characters for ages. Take a look around the gallery and look forward.

Keep on Going. Keep on Hoping.

~Aviva G.

In a Land (not quite) Far Away…

Aviva Godfrey stands a testament to silliness and mistakes, fighting the evils of anxiety and depression with unlimited hope and well-rationed optimism. She studies with the sages of Southern New Hampshire University for the honorable Masters of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing.

One day her masterful script, Japanese fluency, and mad art skills will surely help her rule the world.

Expect a miracle. Have faith and hope. Because night is darkest just before dawn… and you or I do not hold the brush that colors the night and the day.

Rooma Mehra