Storytelling Class + Choosing a Tale

I kind of plaster it everywhere (I’m a little proud of myself; just a little), but I’m attending Southern New Hampshire University online, working on my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Well, I upped my class load to two this semester and it’s a little hairy getting started… but I think I’ll manage. Hopefully.

*cue internal screaming*

But well, in my Storytelling class it’s time to start pitching the idea that’s going to evolve into our thesis project — a full-on novel! I’m sure it’s super scary for a lot of my classmates if it’s their first time. If it were my first time, I’d be like, “OMG WHAT DO I DO.”

I still kind of was feeling like “OMG What do I do?” but thankfully I overthink everything.

So while I have pages up and labeled Coming Soon for All-Purpose Junkie and Happy Angel!, I’ve decided to work on the epic fantasy that’s been stalking me for 15 years.

Kitheriyan Chronicles: The Flower Key Rebellion

Kitheriyan Chronicles is, properly, the series name. The Flower Key Rebellion is the centerpiece, the original inspiration for this universe; and from it blooms a myriad of stories that I can’t wait to write for you. I may not have a book to hand you right off, but small mercies, I’ve been hoarding art for the characters for ages. Take a look around the gallery and look forward.

Keep on Going. Keep on Hoping.

~Aviva G.