The Flower Key Rebellion: I Chronicle, Underway!

New year, and at last I enter the classes connected to my thesis project!

Kitheriyan Chronicles series, The Flower Key Rebellion: I Chronicle, is up to just over 2k words on it’s current draft. I don’t think I can even count how many times I’ve started and restarted — a good half-dozen, at least — but I’m quite pleased with the direction it’s headed this time. I actually went back to my very oldest draft (in my memory, because I don’t think the document even exists anymore) and used the opening frame I employed there. So much better!

If you would like to follow along on the progress, I’m currently tracking my efforts on NaNoWrimo’s website, as it has ways for you to record time and word count, etc. on projects. 💖

Chapter 1 has just come to a close, and today begins Chapter 2. It sounds so early! It’s hard to think of all the drafts, research, and background work put into the story when the word count currently related to it is so small, but I hope you will all keep an eye out for it. 💕

Keep on Going. Keep on Hoping.

~Aviva G.

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