New Release! Neighborhood Noxie now up!

Neighborhood Noxie and the Winsome Werewolf Cover (2022)

Sir Roderick of Endshire became a hero when he led the king’s men to defeat a terrible dragon. He rose from a commoner to a knight, and from a knight to an alderman of the king’s court—or so he should have. Cursed by a proud and foolish lady, failed by the king’s alchemists and magicians one and all, Roderick sets out in search of a cure with his aide, Henry, at his side.

Worn and ragged, the two find the answer to their prayers in the mysterious and mischievous Sionann of Eastlake—a self-termed “nocticary” who specializes in the breaking of curses of all kinds. A curse framed as a love spell may pose no obstacle to Sionann, but her absurd cures may be an obstacle in and of themselves…

After a long, long wait, I’m finally here with my first public release of an original story!

Neighborhood Noxie is a series told in snippets—most chapters ending around 500 words—set in that fun period in England’s history when Celts and Christians were mixing about and influencing each other. It was designed as an Arthurian fairytale-esque sort of story, inspired by series like The Ancient Magus’ Bride and Natsume’s Book of Friends, as well as music like The Willow Maid by Erutan.

There may also be arguments about me designing a story around a character I met in my head…that I cannot completely deny.

Sionann spoke to me very loudly, can I get an amen.

I welcome you, one and all, to a high fantasy adventure from the middle ages. May your heart ache and soar, may your spirit sing and sigh, and may all your curses and bonds be broken.

Onward and upward!

~Aviva Godfrey