Neighborhood Noxie

With her, it’s just one curse after another.

Sir Roderick of Endshire became a hero when he led the king’s men to defeat a terrible dragon. He rose from a commoner to a knight, and from a knight to an alderman of the king’s court—or so he should have. Cursed by a proud and foolish lady, failed by the king’s alchemists and magicians one and all, Roderick sets out in search of a cure with his aide, Henry, at his side.

Worn and ragged, the two find the answer to their prayers in the mysterious and mischievous Sionann of Eastlake—a self-termed “nocticary” who specializes in the breaking of curses of all kinds. A curse framed as a love spell may pose no obstacle to Sionann, but her absurd cures may be an obstacle in and of themselves…

Neighborhood Noxie (2022)