To the masses she was a hero; to the rich and royal, a menace.

Like smoke, she came and went as she pleased.

Artwork by BittersweetDisease@deviantArt (2010)

Not knowing her name, raised by strangers with a bit of kindness, she is Phantom — the most famous thief in Albion. She is Lady — the one who protects those grieved in poverty, who oversees their labyrinthine refuge.

She is the one who discovered an injured dragon in the woods, brought him to that refuge, and named him Cale.

Cale is hardly the growly, fire-breathing menace people expected. He is intelligent, a storyteller, a strategist… and he holds Phantom to a higher moral standard than she ever thought she could handle.

When Cale hears a rumor about a tournament for the Sun Ring — and by extension, the right to wed the princess, Astrid — he is the one to convince Phantom that the tournament must be stopped at all costs; but is the Sun Ring really the only thing at stake?

This old girl was published under a pen name during my early college years, and I’ve since discontinued publication of this work. If publication is resumed at some point in the future, I’ll be sure and let everyone know through an announcement on my Updates page!