Ghosts roam this world, whether they’re seen or not.

Morgan was unfortunate enough to find one.

Artwork by Norah Khor (2009)

It started out innocently enough. Abused and lonely, Morgan found a broken piece of glass on the beach; a piece of glass that, no matter how long she held it, never seemed to get warmer.

Then young Dr. Isaac, fresh back from London, cut his hand on that glass.

Now Isaac isn’t himself; he is violent, demanding, and when no one is looking, he threatens what little Morgan has to hold dear. This isn’t Isaac. No, it’s Remy — a ghost whose hatred for mankind blazes like hellfire.

A ghost who doesn’t mind killing for his dread and terrifying cause.

This old girl was published under a pen name during my early college years, and I’ve since discontinued publication of this work. However, if you would like a copy for yourself, there are still a few left! Just drop me a line through the Contact Page any time.