Raising Dead: An Inuyasha Fanfiction

Everything’s a train wreck in the end. Or at least, a train wreck was her end.

Higurashi Kagome did, indeed, die in a train accident. But she still woke up.

After fleeing a crematorium in the middle of the night, Kagome has no idea what sort of fate she’s been handed. Then, she meets one of the most striking men she’s ever laid eyes on. Kouga literally picks Kagome up in a dark alley, and in a twist of fate as stunning as his looks, reveals he is a werewolf…and she has become a vampire.

Which is against the law, mind you.

Turned without consent and abandoned without reason, Kouga’s lunacy of werewolves becomes Kagome’s new family—but not even death can stop the drama. With a supernatural civil war looming large on the horizon, Kagome must learn to accept death as a human and life as a vampire… and chase down the wolf of her dreams before he talks himself out of loving her.

Raising Dead cover (2020)
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